I’m going walking. Prepping for El Camino de Santiago Compostela-Frances. 776k (+)

Strengthening the old back on the stairs. 10k/22 lb back pack.


I can’t get Patsy Cline’s song “Walking After Midnight” out of my head. I’ve had the lyrics mixed up for years but I’m pretty sure I’ll have them figured out by the time we’ve done our walk. What is El Camino? In english “El Camino” means “The Way.”  Since I’m just now prepping, I only know what I’ve heard and read from various sources. Historically it is one of the many christian pilgrimages dating from over a 1000 years ago. Anyone can do it christian or not but connection to spirituality whatever that looks like for you is the theme. El Camino de Santiago (Frances) runs from France to Spain or visa versa if you like. It is believed that the remains of St James, one of Jesus’ apostle’s can be found at the Spanish Cathedral in Compostela. Early on pilgrimages were thought to absolve you of all past sins.

Today some pilgrims set out to do the entire 776k in one go and many break it down and do parts of the pilgrimage over many years. “They” say you don’t have to be an athlete to do it, just prepare and do it the best you can. I am picturing fall colors, open fields, distant hills and deep breaths.  Upon research it seems there will be many cars and trucks closer to the city and village roads along with some asphalt trails. It kind of makes sense though doesn’t it.  Our plan is, in order to get more solitude, to go in the fall vs the busy summer. Time will tell.

This whole experience is my 28-year-old daughter Jade’s idea. She overheard me telling friends about our adventure and stopped me when I said “Can you believe it’s 400k?” We heard her say, “Ah Mom it’s 800k not 400.” I asked why we were not doing only part of it. While my mind processed the added mileage and if it was possible to gracefully get out of it, she said “Nope it’s all or nothing if you are coming with me”  Apparently, here we go!

Why are we doing it? Good question. Everyone’s reasons seems to be different and by the end of the pilgrimage it will become more clear to each of us…For me, Jade asked me to join her and since I have time right now how could I not seize the opportunity to spend time with my lovely daughter. Nature and the connectedness I feel to spirit when in it, is my church. A health scare has insured the phrase “why not, let’s do it.” falls from my lips more often than not.  I’m really interested in the history of those who travelled this spiritual path centuries ago and the people who live in the villages today along the way. Maybe I can shed some unnecessary expectations that modern-day society has forced upon us all, at least in North America. Very importantly, I hear there is really good wine this time of year. I really don’t know what will happen but I’m staying open to the universe, god, spirit.

Jade and I will each have our own journey together. We are so different it’s going to be very interesting.  Can we both become more proficient at compromising?  I’m in! I predict we’ll master foot care.  In 11 more days, I go out walking and I’m taking anyone along who wants to join us in spirit. I’ll be posting some pictures and singing your songs Patsy. Earplugs anyone?  Buen Camino!


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Author: Dawn Robirtis

My soul has been craving connecting with others for a long while. I've been asking it what it wants to do lately and here we are. In one of many insecure moments I didn't feel "I" had anything interesting to say but my soul does. One in the same I know, but I'll probably hide behind her until I love myself completely. Soon grasshopper soon. We are ALL brilliant and have a lot of wisdom to share with each other so let's do it! My husband and I are officially empty nesters. Woohoo! We are traveling the globe and redefining myself is one of the life themes since being diagnosed with cancer. I am enjoying a new found freedom for the first time since being a kid, while hubs enjoys a business challenge in Europe. My intention, is to share while traveling through different countries with pictures and simple blogs. If you have any questions about any of the places please fire away. We are all connected and we forget that so let's have some laughs through a plethora of topics. You never know where it may lead us. Cheers!!

2 thoughts on “I’m going walking. Prepping for El Camino de Santiago Compostela-Frances. 776k (+)”

  1. Dawn~Wishing you the best of the season. Your desire and love for your family will buoy you. A zest for life…you are it! Wishing you all things wonderful. Laurie


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